Meredith Vieira Answers some of your “Millionaire” questions

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I haven’t been following Millionaire this season but, Buzzerblog posted that Meredith Vieira’s asked you viewers at home to send your questions in. Here’s the first batch:


UPDATES: "Money Drop" and "Price is Right"

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Buzzerblog announced yesterday that,

*Fox announced their midseason schedule and gave Million Dollar Money Drop some more slots.  The show will first be seen Monday, December 20th, at 8:00PM ET for four nights.  Additional airings will begin on January 4th at 9:00PM ET,

The Price is Right has had good announcers this season, I think. I’m not too happy about this: Starting January 11, George Gray will be announcing on The Price is Right. I wasn’t a fan of him on Weakest Link. I liked Anne Robinson.

NEW Drew Carey Improv Show and Black & White shows come to GSN

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According to Buzzerblog, Drew Carey will be getting his new improv show on GSN. The show is nameless for now. Taping will begin in January 2011. The show tapes at the MGM in Las Vegas. To me and alot of members on the GSN Message boards, this sounds like a remake of “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” or something. I’m really looking foward to this one!

Now for the Black & White news. This is good news for the die-hard classic fans who love the 50’s and 60’s shows. Starting December 13, What’s My Line? and I’ve Got a Secret will be coming back for atleast a week. (Maybe for christmas episodes).

3:00AM – What’s My Line?
3:30AM – I’ve Got a Secret

You guys were probably expecting the 3AM lineup to be filled with those, which they are, I’m just saying. Some people have said they should put it on at like 12AM ET hour. I agree they should do that.

Actual footage from GSN’s 1 vs. 100

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Buzzerblog posted this. By the way, GSN updated their 1 vs. 100 page. Check it out at Apparently I can’t embed the video on here so, just go here:

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Thanksgiving Schedule for GSN

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GSN is airing Deal or No Deal on Thanksgiving Day. GSN is airing a Wheel of Fortune marathon the day after thanksgiving. According to Buzzerblog. The Deal or No Deal episodes are all Syndicated episodes. And the Wheel of Fortune episodes from what I read are from one of the recent seasons. This could be a sign that GSN might air Wheel of Fortune on their schedule.

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The Newlywed Game and Baggage Ratings

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Program Day Start End (000)
NEWLYWED GAME (GSN) Mon 6:00P- 6:30P 432
BAGGAGE Mon 6:30P- 7:00P 494
NEWLYWED GAME (GSN) Mon 9:00P- 9:30P 365
BAGGAGE Mon 9:30P-10:00P 317

NEWLYWED GAME (GSN) Tue 6:00P- 6:30P 475
BAGGAGE Tue 6:30P- 7:00P 538
NEWLYWED GAME (GSN) Tue 9:00P- 9:30P 434
BAGGAGE Tue 9:30P-10:00P 532

NEWLYWED GAME (GSN) Wed 6:00P- 6:30P 366
BAGGAGE Wed 6:30P- 7:00P 462
NEWLYWED GAME (GSN) Wed 9:00P- 9:30P 569
BAGGAGE Wed 9:30P-10:00P 572

NEWLYWED GAME (GSN) Thu 6:00P- 6:30P 401
BAGGAGE Thu 6:30P- 7:00P 454
NEWLYWED GAME (GSN) Thu 9:00P- 9:30P 604
BAGGAGE Thu 9:30P-10:00P 656

Awesome ratings for baggage. I declare that their highest rated show. The Newlywed Game is still doing good but without Carnie, The new season with the new host seems to be slipping in the ratings. I’m not a fan of the show at all but I did support it when Carnie was host because the ratings were better.

Game Show Updates!

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“GSN Casting for The Fame Game”
Buzzerblog posted this week that GSN is casting for a new show called “The Fame Game”. Buzzerblog mentioned the 2006 game show “StarFace” and after reading that, “The Fame Game” kind of sounds like a “StarFace” revival to me. As Buzzerblog said “Let’s go back in time a bit.  Let’s go back to 2006.  GSN launched a show called StarFace, which has the exact same idea.  StarFace was a pop culture quiz show hosted by Danny Bonaduce.  It bombed spectacularly and barely lasted it’s original run.” The Fame Game is a pop-culture based show to.

Casting Notice:

“GSN Schedule Updates starting November 8 and November 15.”
November 8th only 1 change. At noon, GSN is replacing The Newlywed Game and Baggage with Lingo.
November 15, here is what the primetime schedule will be:
7:00PM – 1 vs. 100 (Carrie Ann)
7:30PM – Deal or No Deal (Syndi)

10:00PM – 1 vs. 100 (Carrie Ann)
10:30PM – Lingo
11:00PM – Deal or No Deal (full hour)
12:00AM – Catch 21
12:30AM – Family Feud (O’Hurley)
1:00AM – Family Feud (Karn)
1:30AM – The $25,000 Pyramid
2:00AM – Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

That is all the changes!

“I’ve Got a good feeling about this”
Last night, someone managed to win the puzzle with only 1 letter in it on Wheel of Fortune.

They also did a tribute for Charlie O.

Here is some Millionaire and Wheel news:

Two people will be making guest hosting and announcing appearances on different game shows in the near future.  First off, Wheel of Fortune is progressing towards finding a new announcer after the passing of Charlie O’Donnell.  Pat Sajak announced that the former Price is Right announcer Rich Fields will be going behind the microphone.  Rich taped episodes on Thursday.  Past Tense Alex wishes Rich good luck and hopefully it turns into something permanent for him.

Next up, Who Wants to be a Millionaire will be adding another guest host this season.  Sherri Shepherd previously recorded a week of shows.  It was announced today that Tim Gunn from the reality show Project Runway will be hosting the quiz show for a week of episodes.  Tim’s five shows will tape next Friday, November 12th.


That’s all the news to report for tonight, Have a great weekend!